10 Beautiful Handmade Word Boards You Will Love!

By Aaron White
on March 13, 2017

10 Beautiful Handmade Word Boards You Will Love!

Have you ever felt that sense of love and nostalgia, when your significant other or some other loved one, left a gesture behind for you, that spoke more than a thousand words? Well you are not alone, as more and more people find more expressive ways of conveying   those emotions and feelings in ways that seem so real, they could literally be touched.

And touch you can, with expressive beautiful hand–made boards that can deliver exactly the emotions that you feel- whether it be love, gratitude, remembrance, compassion et al.

So for the next time you are in a rut and you cannot figure out how to poignantly put your thoughts together in a concise yet elaborate manner, do let these ten elegant handmade wood boards provide you with an escape plan:

1. Bless This Home

Consider that your close friend has moved into a new home with his/her family and you want to welcome this friend in an elaborate but unique manner. Don’t want to do that over the phone, right? Then let this elegant rustic wood sign that bears the saying, "Bless This Home” be the ice breaker. Not only is this wood board a natural complement to the living room or dining room decoration, its warm color and polished wood frame adds that homely touch to the state of affairs.

The compact size of the handmade board makes it an appropriate candidate for a place on your shelf or mantel.

2. Breathe and Let Go

So life has happened to you or someone that you know. The pangs of grief and sorrow rifle their way through your consciousness and it feels that the pain can be touched. While words and hugs may perform their duties of providing a supportive shoulder, you can decide to convey that sense of positivity with this beautiful framed art that will remind you and them to breathe and let go, of the pain and disappointment, daily.

It is painted with light cool colors, in order to convey feelings of peace and tranquility. This piece is compact and it possesses a saw tooth bracket, making it ideal to adorn the wall.

3. Gather

If you are looking for a way to make a signature statement on all the people and things that matter in your life, and for which you are grateful for, then look no further than this “Gather” framed wood sign. It comes in a polished finish, with a rustic look that will blend with your decorations and living arrangement.

It is small and compact; hence it will sit superbly on your mantel piece or an item on your shelf.

4. I Kiss Better Than I Cook

If you simply wish to spice up the events at a house-warming party with a large dose of humor and fun, then the “I kiss better than I cook” hardwood sign will definitely tickle the fancy of your guests and friends. It can also serve adequately as a gift to a girlfriend on birthdays, anniversaries and unique occasions.

For one, it comes hand-painted on solid wood and its color scheme gives your home a rustic feel/look. Its compact nature makes it an ideal candidate for a place on your shelf.

5. I love you, A bushel and A Peck And a Hug Around The Neck

Select nostalgic memories from your childhood or some other experience and wrap them up and share with friends and loved one, with this beautiful hardwood piece. The “I love you, A bushel and A Peck And a Hug Around The Neck” Hardwood Sign is hand painted on hardwood and it comes fully distressed, in order for it to complement your interior decoration scheme. A saw tooth bracket in this piece, gives you the option of hanging it on the wall.

 6. A Beautiful Rose Lives Here with an Old Thorn

If it is true that the family that laughs together, stays together, then you can add humor and laughter to family time, with this intriguing piece of art. This “A beautiful rose lives with an old thorn” hardwood sign can serve as the perfect anniversary gift to a couple who do not take themselves too seriously and love large doses of humor.

With the use of a cordless drill, this can be fitted in a number of places including your living room or outback on your garden wall.

7. Be Wise - Be Kind - Be True

What words of wisdom do you want to wake up and see first thing in the morning? Or when you walk into your home after the close of work? It definitely has to be the “BE WISE- BE KIND- BE TRUE” hardwood sign. It is a present but subtle reminder of one of life’s richest nuggets come framed in exquisitely finished hardwood frame.

In addition, the size of this piece will allow you set it perfectly on your desk shelf or on your fireplace mantel. You don’t have to drill this onto the wall. It actually looks better standing on a mantel or hanging off a hook.

8. Anchor Wall Décor

An engaging piece of art is just the perfect way to let you stay grounded and focused on the people and things that matter in your life. You can get a very valuable décor to constantly remind you where your priorities should lie, without burning out your life savings. The Anchor wall décor would do this. The beautiful thing is, just like other artworks shown here, this anchor wall décor is so affordable!

It comes painted on solid hardwood and distressed to create a rustic look and feel. With a measurement of 10.5” by 13”, it is compact enough to adorn your bedroom wall or living room wall. This piece definitely looks more attractive when drilled onto the wall. Just get the best cordless drill for the money, then go ahead and give your room wall a magnificent aura.

9. Love Another Me

Are you thinking of the perfect gift for that man and wife who have just tied the nuptial knot? Then let the “Love one another” hardwood frame convey this powerful but timeless exposition on the merits of pledging and staying true to the vows of love. For those of the Christian faith, the beautiful piece features a verse from the bible, John 13: 34, from which the words are drawn.

Its appeal is heightened with painting on solid hardwood. It is also distressed, so it lends its rustic element to complement your interior decoration. The piece is compact enough to be situated on your desk, fire mantel place or dresser.

10. Sky is the Limit

How else would you motivate yourself, your significant half, child/ward or dear friend to always aim to fulfill their potential? Why, by gifting yourself/them the timeless “Sky is the Limit” hardwood frame, which captures the essence of having a never-say die attitude needed to achieve success.

The color and design of this piece will resonate with your aesthetic tastes and it is compact enough to be put just about anywhere.


These artwork pieces are each carefully crafted and designed to help you convey whatever emotions/feelings in a practical manner. The list is by no means exhaustive and the designers also offer the option of creating custom décor based on personal demand.

Art is life and you can never place a foot wrong when you use this medium to connect with those people and events that matter the most in your life.

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